4 Pillars Learning


After many years in the L&D industry we realized that most training programmes are generic and most trainers copy and paste their materials for different organizations and that never yields the best results.

We aspire to revolutionise the Learning & Development Industry by making trainings fun, exciting and value-adding. Hence, we dedicate our efforts to design programmes using an award-winning framework capable of equipping employees with the relevant knowledge & skill sets required to drive business growth in an interactive and empowering environment.

Be it soft skills, technical skills, safety skills or team building skills, our unique programmes were deemed effective & enjoyable to many. All due to the 4 Pillars of Learning framework being integrated to help participants learn to:

Learning to Know

Through focusing, understanding & acquiring new knowledge.

Learning to Do

By applying new knowledge for problem solving.

Learning to Be

Through personal development & creative contribution.

Learning to Work Together

By embracing diversity & working collaboratively within a corporation.

Understanding Company’s DNA

Every organization is unique and that is why it is first important for us to understand a company’s DNA so that we can design a programme which is unique to that organization’s DNA

Secret Sauce

Our training programmes are designed to be one of a kind using our 4 Pillar Design Philosophy, our systems understanding of a company’s DNA and the business goals a company wants to achieve through our training programmes.

Design Simulations

To ensure that our programmes work, we run simulations and tweak our programmes until the required parameters are met before execution.

Collaborative Design Meeting

We meet often with a company’s decision makers to ensure that our programme designs fit with their business objectives.


We execute the custom designed programmes for our clients and make real-time adjustments whenever necessary to ensure business goals are always met.

Result Analytics

Once the programme is completed, we run analytics to demonstrate to our clients the end results of the programme